Plastic Raw Materials

Plastic Raw Materials Plastic raw material suppliers. Suppliers and manufacturers of masterbatch & pigments, engineering plastics, filler compounds, commodity plastics, regrind plastics, commodity plastics, thermoplastic elastomers, PVC, specialty compounds, compounders and composite materials.

Plastics raw materials suppliers in South Africa. Find suppliers of polymers including engineeringplastics, regrind plastics, specialty compounds. Suppliers of ldpe,lldpe, hdpe, pp, polypropylene, pe, polyethylene, thermoplastic elastomers, PET, polyolefins, polypropylene.
Find suppliers of engineering plastics / engineering polymers in South Africa. Engineering polymers are materials with exceptional mechanical properties. Engineering plastics include acetals, polyamides, polyimides, polyacrylates, polycarbonates, and polyesters.
High Performance polymer suppliers in South Africa. Advanced composites exhibit desirable physical and chemical properties that include light weight coupled with high stiffness or elasticity, and strength, temperature and chemical resistance and relatively easy processing. Suppliers of plastic additives such as lubricants, flame retardants, heat and UV stabilizers, dimensional stabilizers, waxes, colourants, foaming agents, impact modifiers. Corrosion inhibitors, Anti-static ,Flame retardant,UV/Light Stabilisers,Processing Aid, Plastic Processing aids, ,Anti-fog,Anti-oxidants, Anti-block,Slip additives.
Masterbatch and pigments for the plastics processing industry, including speciality masterbatches and speciality pigments, to add colour and other special qualities to the end plastic part or plastic product. Masterbatch and pigments suppliers in South Africa.
Polyurethane suppliers, urethanes, polyurethane foams, thermoplastic polyurethane elastomers , thermoplastic urethanes, coatings, sealants, adhesives, elastomers, solid elastomers. Listed in this page are suppliers of plastic raw materials including polyurethanes, polyurethane foams, thermoplastic elastomers.

Plastic Raw Material Suppliers

Hosaf - PET Resins


+27 31 450-4111
Headoffice: 149 Hime Street, Jacobs, 4052, RSA

Manufactures and Distributes PET Resin and Polyester Fibre
Kenoron Products - Polurethane Foam Tape

Kenoron Products

+27 11 452-6604
63 Plantation Road, Eastleigh, Edenvale, South Africa

Plastic Reflectors, Norton Foam Tape, Engineering Plastics
Masterbatch SA - masterbatch supplier

Masterbatch SA

+27 11 975-0222
Headoffice: 13 Spanner Road, Spartan, Kempton Park

Manufacture & Supply Range of Masterbatch, Pigments and Additives
PlastiColors colour masterbatch suppliers


+27 11 452-6940
38 Mopedi Rd, Sebenza Ext 1, Edenvale, South Africa

Leading producer of colour masterbatch, Supply Engineering Plastics
Protea Chemicals- Polymer Raw Material Suppliers

Protea Polymers

+27 11 821-3300
249 Dyson Road, Wadeville, 1428, South Africa

Import & Distribute Plastic Raw Materials and Additives
Rigifoam-Resichem - Polyurethane Suppliers

Resichem & Rigifoam

+27 11 421-0313
Unit 3, Apex, Benoni, South Africa

Rigid Polyurethane Systems and Polyisocyanurate Foam Blocks