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KraussMaffei Berstoff Plastic Extrusion Machines

Tubing, PEx-A Peroxide cross-linking, PEx-B Silane cross-linking   , PEx-C Irradiation cross-linking,  Ducting, Co-Extrusion, Fiber optic ducting, Multi layer sheet extrusion, Co-Extruded sheet, Schaumex, Schaumtandex, Foam sheet extrusion, PET foam sheet extrusion, Polystyrene Foam sheet extrusion, WPC, Wood Plastic Composites, Chlorinated PVC, CPCV, mPVC, uPVC, Polyurethane Insulated pipes, Insulated pipes

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KraussMaffei Extrusion Equipment South Africa

KraussMaffei Berstorff GmbH supply:

  • Pipe extrusion Machines, Pipe Lines, Complete Pipe lines, Pipe extruders, Twin Screw Pipe Extruders, Single Screw Pipe Extruders, HDPE Pipe Extruders, Polyolefin Pipe Heads , PVC Pipe Heads
  • Profile Extrusion Machine
  • Sheet Extrusion, Cast Film extrusion , PVC Sheet extrusion, Thermoplastic Sheet extrusion, Thin sheet Extrusion, Thick Sheet Extrusion
  • PET Film and Sheet Extrusion Machine
  • Compounding, Masterbatch compounding, High Filler Loading, Reaction compounding, Engineering Plastics compounding
  • Rubber Extrusion, Rubber Calendaring, Rubber Sheet Manufacture, Rubber Roller Covering, Rubber Profile Extrusion, AUMA rotary presses

By integrating the extrusion operations of Krauss-Maffei and Berstorff in the single KraussMaffei Berstorff brand, we have strengthened our position as a system supplier capable of offering single vendor solutions for all the main plastics and rubber extrusion processes.

The Extrusion Technology Division supplies plastic extrusion machinery and systems for compounding, for pipe, profile and sheet extrusion, physical foaming, and the production of technical rubbers and intermediates for tire / tyre production. Our machinery - from single plastic extruders to complete plastic extrusion lines - is used in many industries, including chemicals, pharmaceuticals, automotive, construction, furniture and packaging.

Plastics Processing Machines

All extrusion line components for producing pipe from 12 to 2000 mm diameter, including automation components to maximize material savings. Extrusion lines for standard and complex non-standard pipe. Conical twin-screw extruders, parallel 32D twin-screw extruders, Parallel 36D twin screw extruders,.

Starting from:
• Conical twin-screw counter rotating extruders for pipe, profile and co-extrusion
• Parallel 32D counter rotating twin screw extruders for PVC profile extrusion.
• Parallel 36D twin-screw extruders for high speed PVC pipe and sheet extrusion
• 36D Single-screw extruders and coextruders for integrated extrusion systems in piggyback or tandem configurations
• Co-rotating twin screw extruders of varying L/D ratios for compounding, volatiles removal, sheet extrusion

Rubber Processing Machines

• Profile Extruders and profile extrusion lines for the production of tyre profile components and technical rubber intermediates.
• Profile lines incorporating high-performance extruders, vulcanization know-how and downstream for continuous production of profiles from rubber, TPE or silicone.
• High pressure tubing and hoses: we supply turnkey application-specific production lines, fully-automated for continuous production of tubing and hoses. Our expertise is at your disposal – from assistance with formulations to quality control.
• Roll covering systems for coating rolls, sleeves or tubing fast and efficient with almost any rubber compound.
• AUMA rotary presses for simultaneous laminating and vulcanizing of several layers of rubber sheet.
• V-belt production systems: complete systems for producing wrapped and raw-edge v-belts and ribbed v-belts.

Extrusion Equipment

Process know-how and resources

We are your partners from the first exploratory discussion, through development to commissioning, servicing and operating your system. At all times, you are assured of outstanding competence in planning and engineering, as well as reliable and fast spare parts delivery, service and support. We put our expertise to work for your success. With machine ranges engineered for modularity, we can deliver application-specific solutions based on our wide range of standard modules and specially engineered solutions

Included in the range of solutions for:

ZE Compounding Extruders for all thermoplastics from Laboratory lines up to 74 tons per hour.

Pipe Extrusion Machines : Pipe Extruders

  • Complete extrusion lines for pipe extrusion
  • Extrusion lines for extra-large pipe
  • QuickSwitch, Krauss-Maffei's revolutionary system for in-line pipe dimension change
  • 36D single-screw extruders – pipe extrusion
  • 36D twin-screw extruders – pipe extrusion
  • Pipe heads for polyolefins
  • Pipe heads for PVC pipe extrusion
pipe extrusion

Foam extrusion systems:

  • XE Schaumex and Schaumtandex lines

Profile extrusion machine: profile extruder

  • 32D twin-screw extruders – profile
  • Conical twin-screw extruder series

Sheet and film extrusion machine: film extruder

  • Film and sheet extrusion lines
  • PVC sheet and film extrusion
  • Sheet extrusion of polyolefins and engineering thermoplastics

Rubber Extruders:

  • Multiplex Extrusion Lines
  • Pin-Barrel Rubber Extruders
  • GE Rubber Extruders
  • Rotary dies for rubber
  • Calendars for Rubber Compounding
  • Calendars for Plastic Compounding

Our strength is our people, our experience in the industry, and our worldwide partnerships with true specialists in the industry.

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KraussMaffei Berstoff Extrusion Machines

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