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Plastic Injection Moulding Machines

Plastic and Chemical Trading are suppliers of plastic injection moulding machines ranging from 30 tons to 4000 tons, hydraulic plastic injection moulding machines and electric injection moulding machines, hybrid (hydraulic/electric) plastic injection moulding machines and high speed plastic injection moulding machines.

KraussMaffei Plastic Injection Moulding Machines

Plastic Injection Moulding Machines - MX Series

KraussMaffei MX Series Injection Moulding Machines

With a clamping force of 5500 t, the MXH 5500 is an absolute benchmark in the world of large injection molding machines. Along with another large machine, an MXH 4500, it produces large-volume waste disposal containers at Weber, the disposal specialist.

  • Application: large waste disposal containers with capacities from 660 to 1,100 l
  • Number of cavities: 1
  • Shot weight: max. 33000 g
  • Material: HDPE
  • Machine details:
    MXH 5500-75000/75000
  • Clamping force: 5500 t
  • Two parallel injection units (SP75000 + SP75000)
  • Screw diameter: 215 mm
  • Demolding: LRX1000 (X stroke of 3000 mm)
  • Custom solution
  • HPS barrier screw (High Performance Screw)
  • Large platens (H x V) 2500 x 2500 mm
  • Hydr., adaptive mold clamping system
  • Mold weight: up to 150 t
  • Benefits
  • Compact, hydromechanical two-platen clamping unit
  • High melt quality and constant shot weight thanks to HPS screw
  • Optimal melt and pressure distribution due to parallel injection layout

New Plastic Injection Moulding Machines - PX Agile Series

KraussMaffei PX Agile Series Injection Moulding Machines

PX Agile Machine series German Quality with Chinese Agility.

  • Versatile drive technology
  • High-performance servomotor for fast mold movement and dynamic clamping force build-up
  • High resolution for accurate mold movement
  • Sensitive mold safety function
  • Highly efficient drive systems
  • Clamping motor with brake enables for spring mold
  • Robust toggle system
  • Large mold opening stroke with compact design
  • Robust and smooth mechanical system with minimum tolerance
  • Ball screw drive for crosshead with minimum mass inertia
  • Ideal parallel force transmission into the moving platen
  • Automatic central lubrication of the toggle via progressive distributor
  • Symmetric force transmission for leak-free nozzle contact
  • Electric driven nozzle contact force build-up and injection unit aggregate movement
  • Two parallel ball screws for symmetric force transmission without transverse forces
  • No one-sided nozzle pressure, no tilting of the fixed clamping platen
  • Fast nozzle contact force build-up and fast injection unit movement
  • Stable processes with high-precision drive technology
  • Highly efficient plasticizing drive
  • Precise injection movement thanks to accurate and efficient servo technology
  • Fast response behavior of the servomotor for dynamic control
  • Direct measurement of the injection force leads to precise injection, holding and back pressure control
  • Increased injection speed (optional)
  • Adaptive process control with APC plus (optional)

Plastic Injection Moulding Machines PX Series

(50 to 350 Ton) KraussMaffei PX Series Injection Moulding Machines


For the injection units up to SP 1000, as of today, injection speeds of up to 270 mm /sec can be realized with the ZE 70.312 "Injection speed II".

From now on you can also offer injection speeds up to 450 mm/sec up to injection unit SP 750. This makes the PX even more interesting for high-speed applications.

  • Injection Speed I: 125 m/s
  • Injection Speed II: 270 m/s
  • Injection Speed III: 450 mm/sec

All-electric injection molding machine

  • Power meets flexibility
  • All-electric clamping unit
  • Clamping force range of 500 to 3,500 kN
  • Individualized combination of injection and clamping units
  • Many additional equipment and retrofitting options available based on individual production requirement

  • Flexibilty
  • Wide selection of clamping and injection unit combination thanks to the split machine bed
  • Enlarged mold fixing platen: adaptation without purchasing the machine with the next level of clamping force
  • Wide range of screws and nonreturn valves - even for high-temperature and high-performance versions (HPS)
  • Ease of use
  • Ergonomic thanks to the optimal working height
  • Perfect accessibility thanks to the wide design of the moving platen
  • Removable housing elements for perfect accessibility
  • Productivity
  • Mold fixing platens with generous dimensions for flexible use of molds of various sizes
  • High availability and a wide range of applications
  • High-precision dynamic drive technology
  • Efficiency
  • Intelligent energy management with an extremely small amount of energy under all load and application conditions
  • Lowest energy consumption thanks to maximum efficiency
  • Precision
  • Absolute platen parallelism is guaranteed for high mold weights thanks to the rolling linear guide
  • High reproducibility and accuracy

Plastic Injection Moulding Machines - CX Series

(35tons - 650tons) KraussMaffei CX Series Injection Moulding Machines
Full hydraulic, efficient, clean precise and fast from 35tons - 650tons

KraussMaffei's CX series is a range of all-hydraulic plastic injection moulding machines for clamp forces from 35 to 650 t. CX injection moulding machines are engineered to deliver the sustained high performance and high product quality required in many sectors and applications. The CX is a modular, platform-based range for high flexibility and cost-effective production. Two-platen technology means a compact machine and the four-tiebar clamp stands for highest precision and efficiency. KraussMaffei offers a comprehensive choice of plasticizing units and production options, making it possible to configure CX injection moulding machines for different applications and output levels in thermoplastic, thermoset and polyester injection moulding.

The flexible multi-talented injection moulding machine with a compact design

  • Core features
  • Hydraulic clamping unit
  • Clamping force range: 350 to 6500 kN
  • Particularly space-saving
  • Stable machine bed for very heavy mold weights as well
  • Platform for a wide variety of processes
  • Compact
  • due to the two-platen concept with cantilever clamping unit up to 1,600 kN
  • with large installation areas for peripheral equipment
  • Efficient
  • thanks to an intelligent energy management system and BluePower efficiency packages
  • due to the new drive concept and state-of-the-art clamping unit hydraulics
  • Flexible
  • due to the modular design
  • as high-performance basis for advanced technologies

Plastic Injection Moulding Machines GX Series

(400 - 900tons) KraussMaffei GX Series Injection Moulding Machines
The new Krauss-Maffei Mid Range from 400 - 900tons. Fast and tailored specifically to your application.

The new dimension in injection molding

  • Core features
  • Hydromechanical two-platen clamping technology
  • Clamping force range: 4,000 to 9,000 kN
  • GuideX: High-performance guide shoe
  • Outstanding shot weight consistency
  • Multiple applications
  • High-performance thanks to
  • Very short dry cycle time (2.3 s)
  • High precision with maximum dynamic performance
  • Low energy consumption
  • User-friendly thanks to
  • Outstanding accessibility
  • Fast tooling-up
  • An intelligent, user-friendly control system
  • Value proven thanks to
  • A robust clamping and injection unit
  • Low maintenance costs
  • Easy readjustment
  • Plastic Injection Moulding Machines MX Series

    (850 - 5500 Ton) KraussMaffei MX Series Injection Moulding Machines

    Fast, efficient, reliable the giant workhorses of the plastic injection moulding industry from 800ton to 5500ton. KraussMaffei is among the market leaders in engineering large plastic injection moulding machines. The MX series is a systematic onward development of the highly successful MC series. MX plastic injection moulding machines are available in the clamp force range from 800 to 4000 t. MX machines are engineered to deliver sustained performance under demanding conditions. These plastic injection moulding machines are compact, high-performance production systems, capable of delivering fast responses, fast cycles and high productivity. Versatile and modular they offer a wide range of configurations for optimized, application specific solutions. Standard plastic injection moulding machines can be upgraded with minimal effort and adapted to any production conditions. Our product spectrum ranges from compact plastic injection moulding machines with basic automation to highly complex manufacturing cells and planning complete production plants.

    MX series - Powerful. Versatile. Durable. New MC6 control system

    • Core features
    • Hydromechanical two-platen clamping technology
    • Clamping force range: 8,500 - 55,000 kN
    • Plasticizing unit with high shot consistency
    • Expanded product range available
    • Robust clamping unit for heavy molds
    • High-performance thanks to
    • Maximum speed combined with maximum precision
    • Outstanding melt quality and excellent shot weight consistency
    • High level of part quality
    • Versatile thanks to
    • Customer-specific solutions
    • A wide range of technologies
    • An intelligent, user-friendly control system
    • Durable thanks to
    • Construction and components optimized according to load case
    • Low maintenance expenses and simple retrofitting
    • Intelligent pairing of premium-quality materials

    KraussMaffei Videos - Click to Play

    Jupiter - Making big connections

    Fast and efficient fitting production with GX series

    PX Series (50 to 200 Ton)

    CX Series (35tons - 650tons)

    GX Series (400 - 900tons)

    Our strength is our people, our experience in the industry, and our worldwide partnerships with true specialists in  the industry.

    Krauss Maffei Automation

    KraussMaffei Automation has 25 years' experience in automation systems for injection moulding machines. Automated systems are used for quality testing, insert placing, clip insertion, cleaning and priming, and for the Cleanroom and DecoForm technologies. Our linear and industrial robot portfolio permits complete automation solutions and turnkey solutions.

    Sprue Picker

    Sprue Picker

    The servo sprue picker from KraussMaffei features a very compact and stable design. The telescoping stroke makes the SPX10 particularly well suited for use in low shop heights. It forms a unit together with the machine, providing the optimal solution on the market for use in small spaces.

    Compact Robot

    KraussMaffei Compact Robots

    The compact robots of the LRX series are a reliable pillar for your production. The progressive design with decentralized control cabinet concept and rigid X axis provides a new form of accessibility. This guarantees flexibility for the simple retrofitting of sensors or extension with new media circuits. Rack-and-pinion drives provide for fast, high-precision movements in all axes. A central media portal allows for fast gripper changes and supports you in production with frequent product change-overs.

    Linear Robot

    Linear Robot

    The linear robots in the LRX/LRX-S series from KraussMaffei distinguish themselves by their wide range of variants. They cover a clamping force range of 350 kN to 54,000 kN, and can be used universally for all types of injectionmolding machines - irrespective of brand or manufacturer. For linear robots from KraussMaffei, there is an online programming wizard, called "WizardX", which is used in conjunction with the MC6 control unit. It makes programming the robots enchantingly simple.

    Industrial Robot

    Industrial Robot

    IR stands for industrial robot. They implement complex demolding processes with a wide variety of grippers and freely programmable sequences of movements for wide swiveling ranges. Six axes enable enormous flexibility, even in spots where linear robots cannot be ideally used. Industrial robots are designed for extreme ambient conditions and continuous operation - for example, when welding body components.

    In addition to KraussMaffei we list here our partners who’s expertise is critical in the achievement of truly first class solutions for our customers

    De-dusting solutions.
    Infra-red drying, Desiccant drying, Vacuum drying

    GWK ancillary equipment
    GWK - Chillers, Mould Temperature Controllers, Cooling Systems

    Technomagnete - Magnetic QMC systems to clamp the moulds on plastic injection moulding machines.

    The Kreyenborg Group is one of the leading suppliers for components and systems for the plastics and recycling industry. Suppliers of Screen Changers / Melt Filtration / Back-Flush Screen Changers / Continuous Screen Changers / Underwater Pelletizers / Melt Pumps / Recycling equipment / Infra-Red driers / PET Recycling/PET Crystallization.

    Flexlink Conveyor Systems


    Injection Moulding Technology, with its CX, EX and MX machine ranges, is KraussMaffei’s largest business division. KraussMaffei offers machinery for all standard injection moulding processes and for almost all process variants and new techniques. We have selectively expanded our automation expertise in recent years.

    Cleanform: Injection moulding under cleanroom conditions. Krauss-Maffei has a unique range of highly cleanroom suitable solutions.

    Decoform: Back injection moulding onto decorative overlayers such as textiles, leathers etc to produce parts with a high-quality finish. Predominantly used in the automotive interior moulding industry

    Duroset: Injection moulding with free flowing granular thermoset feedstocks

    Polyset: Injection moulding with unsaturated polyester compounds, Dough Moulding Compound etc. KraussMaffei uses proprietary force feeding technologies from Fahr Bucher as well as those developed inhouse.

    Bulk Moulding compounds

    Injection Moulding Compounder IMC: Krauss-Maffei’s IMC is a system which replaces the injection unit in an IMM with a twin screw compounder. This process opens new doors to processors allowing own recipe formulation to suit exactly the properties required in the parts. These systems sell themselves on the material cost required.

    Mucell: A process where physical foaming using carbon dioxide or nitrogen as blowing agents in moulded parts ensures lighter, more rigid parts without sink marks.

    Multinject: Multi-component moulding using more than one material in the injection moulded part to give structural, functional or decorative advantages. Examples are automotive tail lights,

    KraussMaffei have built machines with the capability to inject up to 7 different materials on one part.

    Silicoset: The process is used to mould liquid silicone rubber (LSR) which comprises two liquid components.

    Skinform: A new process from Krauss-Maffeiwhich combines thermoplastic injection moulding and polyurethane reaction injection moulding to achieve high quality tactile finish. Mainly used for automotive interior.

    Twinform: The use of a rotating center platen and injection from two sides to achieve multi-component parts, commonly used in automotive interior trim and packaging industry. Advantages are lower clamping tonnages.

    Water injection (WIT), Gas injection (GIT) technologies: technologies to hollow out plastic parts to reduce material cost, remove sink marks, improve cycle times. Commonly used for coolant pipes, steering wheels, handles, roof rack frames.
    CCM (Clear Coat Moulding) coats high-value parts with a flawless, thin, glass-clear layer produced by a two-component PUR system.


    Krauss-Maffei is a supplier of complete solutions to meet todays demanding environment:
    Please have a look at some examples:

    As you like it

    Just-in-sequence (JIS) production system for automotive bumpers, which are optimally adapted to requirements at the customers different locations.
    Futureproof automation solutions
    Robot-based automation solutions for two machines, with the proviso that the robots could be used flexibly with any brand of machine. Optimization on the production line
    Requirements for a structural component are influenced by a number of factors: crash behaviour, weight reduction, functional integration and design optimization. Ideally, to satisfy all these requirements using just one technology.

    Pharmaceutical industry

    Automation for the future
    Install and commission a new work cell for production and quality control of ampoules for drug delivery.
    A glassfree alternative
    To produce plastic vials and stoppers to the exacting quality specifications, so that the products deliver the target advantages in handling and filling compared with glass vials.

    White goods/Insulation

    Problem-solving to system solutions
    Design, engineering and commissioning of a complete production system for refrigerator cabinets and doors.

    Packaging industry

    Production in top gear
    To develop and manufacture easy-open, easy-pour closures for post-mould assembly and fitting to beverage cartons.

    Construction industry

    State of the art
    To take up the challenge of meeting the soaring demand for PVC plastic lumber (Azek) the company has rapidly expanded its market leadership by widening its product range and boosting output.


    Spin-platen mould reduces costs
    The body of a new steam iron consists of a transparent water tank, a through-coloured body and a handle with a softtouch zone.

    About Us

    Founded in 1989, approached by Krauss-Maffei in 1996 to re-establish the brand in the Southern African market, P&CT has developed a strong support team aimed at working with our customers to achieve truly competitive world class manufacturing operations capable of meeting the customers requirements.

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