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  • Superior, quality endorsed containers
  • Diverse container range
  • Customised packaging advantage
  • National sales footprint
  • Quick turn-around time

Established in 1999, Dynamic Plastics earns its reputation as a customer-centric market leader that is committed to superior quality and uninterrupted client engagement. From bucket to market, we deliver on expectation. Our sales footprint extends nationally, with quick turn-around capabilities. There is no demand too big nor too small for our skilled and engaging sales team; we appreciate the unique intricacies that come with each container order

We Love Buckets - We Really do - Dynamic Plastics

Titan Bucket Range

Titan Bucket Range - Dynamic Plastics AVAILABLE SIZES: 1 l | 2 l | 2.5 l | 5 l | 10 l | 20 l | 25 l

The Big Brother Bucket

The TITAN Range is no sissy, he's Fino's Big Brother. He's a durable, steadfast, industrial bucket that rests on the laurels of demanding applications. TITAN is the heavy duty, tamper evident bucket that suits an extensive range of applications and industries. TITAN squares up to the intensities of storing and transporting demanding contents, and that's why we love it.

Fino Bucket Range

Fino Bucket Range - Dynamic Plastics AVAILABLE SIZES: 500 ml | 1 l | 2 l | 2.5 l | 4 l | 5 l | 9 l | 10 l

More Bang for Your Bucket

FINO is a city-to-city bucket that goes the distance. She's sleeker, lighter and she can carry the load, big or small. FINO is a competitive, cost-effective container, suiting an extensive range of applications and industries. Injection-moulded and manufactured with a strict quality-assurance guarantee, FINO sets the benchmark. FINO cares about the environment too with a reduced carbon footprint - and her second to none tamper evident track record is just another reason we love to recommend this range.

Securelock Bucket Range

Securelock Bucket Range - Dynamic Plastics AVAILABLE SIZES: 5 l | 20 l

The No Nonsense Bucket

SECURE LOCK is our bucket with attitude and aptitude. This bucket is developed with a no-nonsense tamper guarantee, and can be used for multiple, durable applications. With its aggressive locking lid, and intricate security design, this is one bucket you won’t mess with - ensuring both manufacturer and end-user of tamper-free transportation and delivery.

General Purpose Bucket Range

General Purpose Bucket Range - Dynamic Plastics AVAILABLE SIZES:250 ml | 500 ml | 1 l | 2 l | 2.5 l | 5 l

The Bucket with Purpose

Everybody’s go-to bucket – the GENERAL PUPOSE bucket is engineered to support a wide variety of product packaging requirements. Historically revered for its rigidity and durability, the GENERAL PURPOSE bucket exceeds its everyday-everyway reputation as an adequately equipped and dependable packaging solution, which is accessible, convenient and fuss free.

Recycled Bucket Range

Recycled Plastic Bucket Range - Dynamic Plastics AVAILABLE SIZES: 5 l GENERAL PURPOSE | 20 l SECURELOCK | 20 l TITAN | 25 l TITAN

The Down-To-Earth Bucket

This one’s a keeper. Dynamic Plastics is a proud endorser of the global “Going Green” Initiative, offering a conscious collective solution with the eco-friendly RECYLED Bucket Range. This bucket is our gentle giant. She’s environmentally conscious and cost effective, and she’s manufactured using recycled plastic material for the greater good of our ecosystem.

Decoration Bucket Range

Decoration Plastic Bucket Range - Dynamic Plastics

The Game Changer Bucket

A bucket is a bucket is a bucket – until it has your brand on it. Our DECORATION options are a real eye catcher: tailored, branded, decorative options that are available on request. Speak to one of our Dynamic consultants about your customised, decorative requirements.


Dynamic Plastics

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