Suppliers of Water Chillers South Africa and Leaders of Air Blown Film Chillers for the Plastics Industry.

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Water Chiller Suppliers South Africa

iCHILL is a South African based company specialising in the supply of Italian manufactured water chillers and are market leaders in Air Cooling Chillers for blown film for the Plastics Industry.iCHILL offers a comprehensive range of Industrial Chillers : Italian Euro Chiller Water Chillers, Air Chillers, Air Dehumidifiers & Mould Temperature Controllers used in the plastics industry for the Process and Comfort cooling markets.

Manufactured in Italy we guarantee Performance, energy efficiency and quality. With our suppliers Geoclima and Euro Chiller we can offer a solution for process or comfort cooling applications from 1 kw to 2,400 kW.

Water Chillers, Air Blown Film Chillers, Air Dehumidifiers & Mould Temperature Controllers for the Plastics Industry

The iChill head office and warehouse facility is located in the new modern, “River horse Valley” business area located only 15 minutes away from the new International airport and 20 minutes away from the Durban harbour.

We have an office in Kempton Park Gauteng as well as a number of official distributors located in strategic areas of South Africa.

Water Chillers:

Water Chiller

GC Series Water Chiller
GC Series

GC chillers cover a cooling capacity range between 3,8 and 137,6 kW. Indoor and outdoor installation with cooling down to -30 deg C. Ideal for plastic processing and point of use chilling applications.

Water Chiller

AXevo Series Water Chiller
AXevo Series

Mid-sized chillers for centralized plants available with integrated free-cooler and or adiabatic cooling. Multi circuit scroll compressors with Variable speed condenser fans. Capacity from 34,3 to 238 kW.

Water Chiller

Air Cooled Water Chillers
DY-NAX Series

Highly efficient air cooled chillers, adiabatic version also available, cooling capacity from 119,3 to 715,5 kW.

Water Chiller

Water Cooled

Water cooled beside the machine, precision chiller, cooling capacity from 5,6 to 80,8 kW

Dry Cooler

Dry Cooler
Adcooler Series

Adiabatic dry-cooler, cooling capacity from 82 to 1220 kW.

Water Flow

GRP Series

Pumps groups, water flow rate from 12,5 to 220 m3/h.

Temperature Control Units:

Water Temperature Control Units

Water Temperature Control Units

Water temperature control units, heating capacity from 3 to 12 kW.

Water and Oil Temperature Control

Water and Oil Temperature Control Units
3FLOWS Series

Water and oil temperature control units, heating capacity from 6 to 24 kW.

Water and Oil Temperature Control

Water and Oil Temperature Control Units

Water and oil temperature control units, heating capacity from 6 to 24 kW.

Multi-zone thermochiller


Multi-zone thermochiller, heating capacity from 6 to 54 kW and cooling capacity from 10,1 to 134,6 kW.

Process Air Chillers:

Air Blown Film Cooling Chillers

Precision chillers for the air blown film cooling

Precision chillers for the air blown film cooling, cooling capacity from 11 to 177 kW.

Pre-assembled condensation kit for ABF

Pre-assembled condensation kit
OFC KIT Series

Pre-assembled condensation kit for ABF, cooling capacity from 20 to 200 kW.

Process Air Chillers

Process Air Chillers

Process air chillers (cooling capacity 13,5 - 93,8 kW) and batteries (flow rate 250 - 17.000 mc/h)


air dehumidifiers
EU-DRY mould Series

Process air dehumidifiers, air flow rate from 400 to 3000 m3/h

"It is our aim at iChill, to provide a complete technical solution to our customer's chiller water requirements."




Durban Headoffice
+27 (31) 5692997

Durban Office Address
80 Corobrik Road River Horse Valley Durban South Africa

Johannesburg Branch
082 321 6717

Johannesburg Office
AMR Office Park 3 Concorde East Road Bedfordview, Johannesburg



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