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Industrial Robots, Robot Grippers & End of Arm Tooling - Automation for the Plastics Industry

Pact Automation is the industry leader in automation and robotics.

We aim to simplify the complex process of automation, ensuring efficient and competitive production facilities.

Through our partner Gimatic S.r.l we can supply a vast range of gripping and handling automation products to the plastics industry.

We supply solutions for industries including automotive, plastic and pharmaceutical, customising solutions to fit the industry and the customer.

PACT Automation has been operating in the field of automation for more than 23 years, we can today boast a vast range of products supplied and used worldwide on a variety of different markets.

Industry Leader in Automation and Robotics

Pact Automation is the number one producer of robotic grippers, the premier supplier of robot gripper components and the number one supplier of automation machinery for the injection moulding industry in the South African market.

Industrial Automation Robotics, Grippers and End of Arm Tooling

Cutting Edge Automation Suppliers to the African Market

  • Gimatic Grippers

    Through our partner Gimatic S.r.l we can supply a vast range of gripping and handling automation products for the plastics industry.

  • Sepro Industrial Robots, EOAT's and Grippers

    Solution by Sepro answers the automation requirements of your plastic injection molding machines by proposing a global offer - Robot Sepro and Automation Sepro - specially designed to automate production.

  • JAKA Robotics

    JAKA Robotics was founded in 2014 with the aim of developing a new generation of Collaborative Robots (Cobots) based on innovation, R&D and forward thinking for the smart factory environment.

  • EOAT - End of Arm Tooling Parts and Components

Gimatic Robotic Arm Grippers

Gimatic deal with Handling, Sensors and Components for gripping hands (EOAT), gripping solutions for Robots and Mechatronics - intelligent robotic grippers.

Gimatic Grippers for Plastics Automation
GIMATIC Robotic Arm Grippers

Grippers for End of Arm Tooling.

Gimatic is a leading global manufacturer of pneumatic and electric grippers for End Of Arm Tooling used in industrial automation. Gimatic specialise in the production of vacuum cups (flat and bellow), pneumatic nippers, air hands, linear slides and sensors specifically for End of Arm Tooling (EOAT) assemblies. The plastics range consists of components that create specialised gripper systems for robots that extract and handle components around plastic moulding machines.

  • Parallel Grippers for Robotic Arm

    Parallel Grippers

    Parallel grippers can be used in many applications as custom fingers can be created to match different part shapes.
  • Angular Grippers for Robotic Arm

    Angular Grippers

    Angular grippers are used for gripping an off-centred object or for creating a wider opening with their angular stroke.
  • Expansion Grippers for Robotic Arm

    Expansion Grippers

    Gimatic’s patented expansion grippers of the MFD/MFU series are used for internal gripping. They can also be used to perform the leak test.
  • One Finger Grippers with Pivot for Robotic Arm

    One-Finger Grippers with Pivot

    Gimatic offers various special-purpose, one-finger grippers, particularly suited for EOATs. They can be used for picking up a plastic part from a mould even through narrow spaces, as well as for pulling or gripping said part.
  • One Finger Linear Gripper

    One Finger Linear Grippers

    One finger perpendicular acting pneumatic grippers for clamping series OFX - OFX
  • Pneumatic Magnetic Gripper

    Magnetic Grippers

    Magnetic grippers are used for gripping ferro-magnetic objects. These grippers are frequently used in the plastic injection moulding sector to place inserts on EOATs.
  • Radial Pneumatic Gripper

    Radial Pneumatic Grippers

    Radial grippers feature a 90-degree movement on each finger, and can achieve a 180-degree opening-closing movement. They can be used in applications involving rotary/linear indexing tables for preventing finger crushes when turning/moving the stations.
  • 3 Jaw Parallel Pneumatic Gripper

    3-Jaw Pneumatic Grippers

    3-jaw grippers are mainly used for gripping round shape parts.
  • 3 Jaw Parallel Electric Gripper

    3-Jaw Electric Grippers

    Plug-and-play 3-jaw electric grippers do not require any driver.
  • Parallel Electric Gripper

    Parallel Electric Grippers

    Gimatic offers a wide choice of parallel electric grippers: plug-and-play or servo, with built-in or external drive, with parallelogram or entirely parallel design.
  • Radial Electric Gripper

    Radial Electric Grippers

    Gimatic radial electric grippers are plug-and-play, therefore no driver is required.
  • Angular Electric Sprue Gripper

    Angular Electric Grippers

    Gimatic is the only manufacturer on the market to offer angular electric grippers.

Sepro Industrial Robots

Sepro range of high-performance industrial robots to add to your Injection Moulding Machine. From simple sprue-pickers to elaborate 6-Axis robots, our robots and automation solutions are designed to meet the exacting demands of today's plastic industry.

3 Axis Industrial Robots for Injection Moulding Machine

3 Axis Robot

Multi Inject Robot

The two Multi Inject robot models are specially designed for transverse unloading in the mold without touching the secondary vertical injection unit of the IMM. Unlike conventional Cartesian robots, these robots are designed with a demolding arm that slides on the horizontal axis to access the mold vertically. They are more economic than a side-entry robot and also benefit from the flexibility of a 3-axis Cartesian robot.

5 Axis Industrial Robot

5 Axis Robot

5 Dual Arm Robots

The range of 5 Dual Arm robots provides a solution for specifically equipping injection molding machines for simple unloading of three-plate molds. These robots are designed from a 3-axis Cartesian robot with a servocontrolled main arm equipped with a pneumatic rotation (0-90°) for picking and placing parts from a 2-axis secondary sprue picker arm. Simultaneous control of the 5 axes optimizes work time in the mold. Programming is simplified thanks to the Visual 2 control system.

6 Axis Industrial Robots for Injection Moulding Machine

6 Axis Robot

6X Visual: Sepro - Yaskawa

The range of 6-axis polyarticulated robots: 6X Visual combined with the Sepro Visual 3 control platform offers a Premium solution for carrying out all tasks, from simple unloading to more complex applications. The Sepro Yaskawa large-sized arms are suitable for use in a large work area. They can take heavy loads for 20-tonne to 5000-tonne Injection Moulding Machine.

In Mould Labelling System

In Mould Labelling System

IML : In-Mold-Labelling system

Sepro IML is the solution developed in cooperation with Machines Pagès, expert in IML systems, for placing flat or wrap-round labels on lids, pails or tub type parts, for use in the packaging industry. The mechanical architecture of the system includes a Sepro Cartesian side-entry robot developed from the S5 platform, and a standard distribution, transfer and loading / unloading module for labels, supplied by Machines Pagès.

Sprue Pickers

Sprue Picker

SR 55 – SR 65 – SR 85 Sepro Sprue Picker

The range of Sepro pneumatic sprue pickers available in 3 sizes that are high performance complements to our robot ranges. They are easy to use and reliable.

JAKA Robotics

JAKA Robotics was founded in 2014 with the aim of developing a new generation of Collaborative Robots (Cobots) based on innovation, R&D and forward thinking for the smart factory environment.

Innovative breakthroughs have been made in many applications such as drive control integration, integral joints, free-drive programming, wireless connection, etc. JAKA has continuously led the trend of robotics development. Their robots are easy to install and even easier to program using the JAKA APP which can be downloaded onto a tablet, phone or PC.

Thanks to the concept of integrated industrial design, JAKA Cobots can perform their tasks well in harsh noise and dust environments, and excel in strict environments requiring high cleanliness.

JAKA Cobot is based on the Linux scripting language, has good compatibility, and provides SDK (C, C++, C#) driver for secondary development of the system. Meanwhile, universal control is designed for fast docking of upstream and downstream automation equipment. Its outstanding features guarantee that when JAKA Cobots work in harsh environments like high temperature, high noise, high cleanliness, dust, etc., can still cope with operators, other robots, and working situations.

JAKA Cobot originates from aerospace science and technology. Based on space robotic arm, it improves overall optimization on motor, reducer, and drive control board. JAKA Cobot is lightweight and compact, easy to disassemble, easy to transport, etc.

JAKA Cobots can be widely applied to every application, and complete the production deployment rapidly. Some of the fields include screw driving, glue dispensing, pick and place, painting, palletizing, assembly and even quality inspection to name but a few.

The latest in automation solutions,
end-of-arm tooling & robotics.

We facilitate automation solution purchases, design,
manufacturing, setup, staff training and programming.

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