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Plastic Thermoforming Machines

For 60 years, Kiefel has been a market leader in design and manufacture of plastic thermoforming machines, thermoforming tools and technology. We are thermoforming and joining technology specialists and our global sales and service network has representatives around the world.

From product design to the process to the tool – we are your single source for everything. We support our customers as a partner, for example in the joint development of new packaging. All of the processes are highly automated. Costs, physical requirements, ecological aspects – a multitude of factors must be taken into consideration when selecting a suitable material. Whichever you may opt for, Kiefel, the leader in high-frequency and thermo-contact welding is always your partner. Systems for manufacturing refrigerator components are another focus of forming technology. High performance forming systems from Kiefel permit complex forms and refrigerator designs, whether for cooling or freezing, indoors or outdoors, combined or simple.

Thermoforming Packaging Machines

  • Liquid Filling and Sealing Machines
  • Automatic Form Fill and Seal Machines
  • Pulp Thermoforming Machines
  • Fiber Moulding Machines
  • Plastic Cup Forming Machines
  • Plastic Tray Thermoforming Machines
  • Biodegradable Packaging Solutions - Fiber Thermoforming

Sustainable Packaging Solutions

To meet your goals for a profitable and sustainable packaging, we aim to provide machines for processing a wide variety of materials. You choose whether you want to use classic recyclable plastics like rPET, bio-based materials like PLA or natural fiber.

We put your product first and rethink product design and functionality, material and composition towards a more sustainable product. Depending on that we adapt the manufacturing process and optimize machines and tools for your production. Your sustainable product can be recycled easier and together we are closing the loop.

Biodegradable Packaging Solutions - Fiber Thermoforming

Fiber Thermoforming Machines
Eco-friendly Electronic Packaging
Biodegradable Food Packaging
Eco-friendly Cup Packaging

Renewable Raw Material. Processing of primary fibers for the food sector & premium packaging for electronic goods.

Primary fibers are suitable for food and beverage packaging like fruits, cookies and chocolate, coffee cups or for more advanced packaging of electronic goods like smartphones as well as for pharmaceuticals and the cosmetics industry.

Kiefel machines produce premium packaging with the highest surface quality and even colors. Also achieving full hygienic compliance required in the food, pharma and cosmetics industry.

There are no limitations to our packaging solutions.

Plastic Packaging Machines

Bread and Butter Machines KMD Series

As your technology partner for packaging solutions, Kiefel offers more than just machines. From product design to the process to the tool - we are your single source. We support our customers as a partner, from the joint development of new packaging to turnkey solutions.

  • We are thermoforming pioneers: Our comprehensive knowledge of various thermoforming technologies and extensive engineering expertise ensure the success of your project.
  • Maximum quality: Plastic packaging produced on Kiefel systems meet the highest quality requirements.
  • We are your one-stop supplier: From product design to the process to the tool and the custom automation - the Kiefel team is your effective and reliable partner, supporting you in every phase.

Plastic Cup Forming Machines - SPEEDFORMER KTR Series

Packaging Machines KTR Series

Plastic packaging food capsules

Cup production at its best: Intelligent technology, perfect quality and high production speed combined with low costs – with Kiefel as your reliable partner. The combination of our thermoforming machines (cup forming machines) with our efficient and innovative stacking solutions allow you to gain maximum productivity. In short: You profit from the best price-perfomance ratio for the production of cups, lids and coffee capsules.

Speedformer KTR Series Packaging Machine

Plastic Tray Thermoforming Machines - SPEEDFORMER KMD Series

Plastic Tray Manufacturing Machines

Plastic Food Packaging Trays

We provide the best conditions for manufacturing your plastics packaging. Our KMD thermoform systems (steel rule cutting machines) produce a wide variety of packaging types including trays, containers, hinged packaging, pallets, blisters, lids, technical applications and much more.

Speedformer KTR Series Packaging Machine

Thermoforming Tools

Thermoforming tools

We develop your forming tools and in our Technology Centers we get them ready for mass production for all standard thermoforming machines and plastic materials such as PP, PS, PE, PET, PLA, etc. The cavities are optimized to forming areas and films and perfect for your products.

Your tools are tested and matched for mass production on the in-house systems in our Technology Center. Our tools are well-known for the robust construction and the usage of high quality materials which achieve a long service life. Sophisticated cooling and vacuum systems offers highest productivity.

We design tilting tools for all common thermoforming systems.

Medical Bag Making and Filling Machines

Medical Packaging Machines and Fill and Seal Machines

Whether infusion bags, blood bags, blood filters, urine catheter products, drainage or urine bags, ostomy bags or bags for bio-medical purposes - Kiefel has the highest quality and most reliable production systems for your area of application.

Plastic Medical Speciality Bags - Compact Bag Making Line

Medical Machines - Compact Bag Making Line

Compact design for innovative technologies
The brand new bag making line allows you to produce high quality medical speciality bags according to your needs. The compact design demonstrates the mix of innovative technologies with highest quality standards, thus reducing valuable space in clean room. Available with TC & RF welding technology.

Innovative Crossfield Welding Technology
The crossfield welding technique speeds up the current RF welding process – enabling you to increase output capacity and save valuable space. Kiefel sets new standards through the possibility to weld without a mandrel and combine two welding steps into one.

Inline Plastic Medical Bag Machines - KIT/KIR Series

Inline Medical Filling Systems and Bag Machines

Kiefel inline machines are for producing blood bags, IV bags, urine bags and other PVC or non-PVC bags in one line. Depending on product characteristics, the welding technology can be Thermo-Contact or Radio-Frequency. A filling station is optional available.

The line can be semi-automatic or automatic. The machines are configured flexible with any x-up version as desired. Component feeding driven by e.g. a flex-feed system, inline printing stations and camera inspection are available.

Further Plastic Medical Solutions and Machines

  • L-Line Solutions KIT / KIR Machines - infusion bags and other special medical bags
  • Shuttle Table KST / KSR Line Machines - versatile welding machine
  • Bag Filling Excellence Machines - tabletop filling modules, semi-/automatic filling & sealing lines, or complete Form-Fill-Seal machines.
  • Special Medical Solutions

Inline Thermoforming Machines

To manufacture refrigerator inner containers made of PS or ABS

High-quality refrigerator components

The latest generation of Inline Thermoforming Machines has been especially designed for the efficient production of refrigerator inner containers made of PS or ABS. The overall process includes the loading of the plastic sheets from the stack, heating, forming and trimming of the components to create the finished thermoformed product.

High-quality refrigerator components
High-quality refrigerator components

The units designed for the production of refrigerator-door liners are based on the innovative machine modules used in the manufacture of refrigerator interior containers.

The addition of special items of equipment permits the processing of liners in PS or ABS.

Thermoforming Machine Manufacturers

Kiefel manufactures and supplies:

  • Inline Thermoforming Machines
  • High-speed Automatic Filling Machines
  • Liquid Filling and Sealing Machines
  • Thermoforming Tools
  • Plastic Thermoforming Machines
  • Steel Rule machine
  • Vacuumformer
  • Thermoformer
  • Tilting cup former
  • Cup Lip roller
  • Fiber slush forming
  • Fridge liners
  • Medical Bag / Pouch Machines
  • Versatile Welding Machine
  • L-line Plastic Bag Manufacturing Machines
  • Eco-friendly Packaging Machines
  • Plastic Packaging Machines
  • Robotic fiber slush forming
  • Automatic stacking
  • Medical Pouch / Bag Making Machines
  • Form Fill and Seal Machines
  • Automatic Fill and Seal Machines
  • Liquid Filling and Sealing Machines
  • Liquid Pouch Fill and Seal Machines
  • High Speed Automatic Filling Machines

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