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Plastic Fencing & Plastic Gates

Value Fencing PVC designed most PVC fencing styles known in South Africa, such as the PVC Standard style and Estate style Balustrade, Horizontally slatted screening, Palisade fence and our Famous innovative PVC Estate style Picket fencing.

No: 1 Top Rated & Biggest in the PVC Fencing industry in Africa

Value Fencing is the Market leader and largest in the local PVC fencing industry in Africa, having imported in excess of 121 Shipping Containers worth of material, which is more than double as all rivals combined. Over the 11 years of the existence of our Franchise Group, we had 0 (ZERO) claims on defective or faulty material up to date.

PVC Balustrade / Hand Rails, PVC Garden Doors & PVC Driveway Gates

We are the 1'st choice for Architects, Project Managers, Developers & Building Contractors, and approved by a host of Estates. Value Fencing is the most innovative Company in the PVC fencing industry in the Country, including the current known styles, manufacturing process, Installation methods as well as gate construction methods, shaping the PVC fencing industry in South Africa to what it is today.

Products Overview:
  • PVC Balustrade & Railing
  • PVC Custom, Sterilizing Tunnels & Dispensers
  • PVC Decorative Shutters, Louvres & Doors
  • PVC Pergolas, Gazebos & Garden Arbors
  • PVC Fence & Gate Accessories
  • PVC Fencing, Gates & Doors
  • PVC Horizontally Slatted Screens & Gates
  • PVC Lattice & Trellis Screening

PVC Balustrade & Railing:

PVC Balustrade 3 Rail Estate Style

PVC Balustrade - 3 Rail Estate Style

  • As per local National Building Regulation (NBR), our PVC Balustrade and safety railing conform to the SANS 10400 principle criteria for Balustrade, safety railings & staircase railing, being minimum 1m high with newels spaced 100mm or less apart.

PVC Balustrade Hand Rails

PVC Balustrade - Hand Rails

  • Strong stylish PVC Handrails for safety by stairs and passages. Very durable uPVC material. Custom made, site specific. Can be side wall mounted or via uprights. T-shaped or square profiles available.

PVC Balustrade Posts with SABS Glass Infills

PVC Balustrade - Posts with SABS Glass Infills

  • SABS 12mm Modern look Balustrade glass with PVC Posts & 316 grade Stainless Steel clamps. Conforms to SANS regulation principle criteria for railing and Balustrade.

PVC Balustrade Standard Style

PVC Balustrade - Standard Style

  • Value Fencing PVC Balustrade safety railings are perfect for, and widely used in Commercial and Residential applications.

PVC Custom, Sterilizing Tunnels & Dispensers:

Foot Operated Hand Sanitizer Stand

PVC Dispensers - Hands Free Sanitizer Dispensers

  • Adjustable to handle most Hand Sanitizer Spray or Gel bottles.

  • Corrosion resistant PVC Material.

  • Beautiful design.

  • A MUST HAVE for any Business or Office entrance.

  • Floor standing or Wall mounted options.

  • Bottle excluded.

Foot Operated Hand Sanitizer Stand

PVC Walk Through Sanitizing Tunnels

  • Sanitation tunnels (fine misting spray).

  • Walk through atomizing disinfectant tunnel pods.

  • Locally manufactured.

  • Super low operating cost.

  • Can run on various Chemicals such as SINTOL as used in Hospitals.

  • Fully automated with adjustable spray timer.

Custom Made PVC Products

PVC Custom - Anything PVC

  • Your local Owner Managed Franchise will assist with your ever need, be it custom PVC fencing, PVC screening, PVC gates, PVC railing, PVC pergola, PVC covers, or something out of the ordinary.

Sanitizing Mist Booth

PVC Decorative Shutters, Louvres & Doors:

PVC Decorative Shutters, Louvres & Doors

Custom made multi purpose PVC shutters & PVC Louvre screens, doors and gates made to order.

Functional or decorative designs in numerous variations with a wide choice of slats sizes & apertures to suit your taste.

PVC Louvres are perfect as screening for ducts, unsightly pipes, gas bottles, heat pumps or air-conditioner condensers or even an outdoor shower cubicle & more.

PVC Louvers & combinations are also perfect to screen the side of you balcony or Veranda, blocking out the Sun and redirecting rain away from the floor.

FYI: Value Fencing PVC was the Contractor chosen to do all Louvre screening at all A/C Units & Geysers for the Pearl Sky Development at The Pearls of Umhlanga, for Group 5.

PVC Fence & Gate Accessories:

PVC Fencing Post & Gate standard accessories inclusive of quotations. (Fancy caps & finishes available at additional cost.) We have various PVC Post & Picket caps to choose from. Ask your local Contractor or Franchisee for options. PVC Gate hinge & latch options.

Gothic Type post Cap for PVC fence posts

Post Caps Range

  • Gothic type post cap for PVC fence Posts. The Gothic type finial post cap is mostly used for PVC picket fence & PVC Palisade fencing, but is suitable of all PVC fencing styles. For use on PVC fence posts. Available in 76mm, 102mm & 127mm. (Resembles a "spade" on playing cards).

    View More PVC Fencing Post & Gate Standard Accessories

Hinges PVC Fence Gate Accessories

Gate Hinges Range

  • Adjustable internal spring loaded hinges for self closing PVC gates such as pool safety gates or Complex entrance gates. Made from 304 Stainless Steel with Black or White powder coating.

    View More PVC Gate Hinge & Latch Options

PVC Fencing:

PVC Fencing Equine Post Rail Paddock Fence

PVC Paddock Fencing

  • PVC Ranch style Equine Paddock fence options for Equestrian use: Vinyl or PVC fencing is a very attractive and functional option for any paddock, stable or equestrian Farm. Value Fencing PVC (vinyl) options are extremely durable, made from high grade UV resistant PVC material and is covered by our No Nonsense 20 Years Warranty.

PVC Palisade Fencing

PVC Palisade Fencing

  • PVC Palisade fencing, the ultimate choice for Security boundary fence, fit for Residential or Commercial use. No more rusting steel or yearly costly painting. Value Fencing PVC Palisade Fencing is UV Resistant & Guaranteed for 20 YEARS! Our PVC Palisade Posts are planted +- 1m deep and concreted in, as well as posts filled 2/3 with 30MPA re-enforced concrete for additional strength.

PVC Picket Fencing

PVC Picket Fencing

  • Our elegant PVC Picket Fencing will grace any Residence, Golf Course or Cricket Stadium. Lots of variants to choose from with many different finishes. Our PVC post can be fitted with standard "flat" caps, Gothic or New England style caps. Our PVC Picket newels can be finished with either sharp pointed or "Dog ear" shaped or flat picket caps.

PVC Private Fence

PVC Private Fence

  • The stylish Value Fencing PVC Privacy security boundary fence will finish off any perimeter for Residential or Commercial property. Our PVC privacy fencing products will add aesthetic appeal as well as increase the value of your property while being practical and secure. PVC Privacy Fencing gives you maximum privacy and security as any other built wall, with the exception that our product does not require any maintenance and carries a 20 year warranty.

PVC Semi-Private Fence

PVC Semi-Private Fence

  • PVC Semi-Private Fencing gives you privacy and security same as a built wall, with the exception that our PVC product does not require any maintenance and carries a 20 years Warranty. Available with standard vertically slatted top (In any custom newel spaces), or Lattice / Trellis top in any desired split size to achieve Your unique privacy requirement.

PVC fencing equine post rail paddock fence PVC fencing equine post rail paddock

PVC Gates & Doors:

PVC Driveway - Dual Leaf Swing

PVC Driveway - Dual Leaf Swing

  • Strong, lightweight and durable driveway security entrance dual leaf swing gates sets. Our PVC dual gates are built to client specification to suit your unique requirement. PVC dual swing gates are built in various styles including any Custom combination. PVC Dual gates are extremely Strong, but remains very Lightweight.

PVC Driveways - Sliding Entrance

PVC Driveways - Sliding Entrance

  • Our PVC Driveway gates will NOT rust or rot. PVC never requires Paint, Varnish or any coating of any sort. Value Fencing PVC driveway gates are virtually Maintenance free. We manufacture PVC Driveway gates in various designs & custom combinations. Custom made to required sizes for pedestrian or vehicle use.

PVC Pedestrian, Courtyard, Garden & Doors

PVC Pedestrian, Courtyard, Garden & Doors

  • No Maintenance PVC Gates for your Entrance, Garden, Courtyard or any other application. Solid pedestrian PVC doors with PVC frames for garages or Courtyards available. Any custom combination or style can be achieved using PVC Gates. PVC Gates can be fitted with Auto close & Auto Latching mechanisms for Child safety or to keep Pets in.

PVC PVC Driveway Gates PVC PVC Driveway Gates Sliding Entrance

PVC Horizontally Slatted Screens & Gates:

PVC Horizontally Slatted Screens & Gates

Do you require privacy, but want a classy good looking and modern option?

Here it is: PVC Horizontally slatted screening in any desired custom shape & size. PVC Privacy screening is suitable for sides of Entertainment ares, Verandas or Balconies. Perfect for visual, Sun, wind or general weather screening. PVC screening come in Various slats sizes available with many different apertures & spacings. Custom PVC Semi-Private combinations with closed bottoms & slatted tops made to requirement. PVC screen Slats can also be angled as a louvre with awesome effect. Professional installation by a Trusted Contractor.

PVC Lattice & Trellis Screening:

PVC Lattice & Trellis Screening

Our PVC Lattice & Trellis panels are widely used for decorative and functional purposes, such as:
Wall extensions, Removable screen cover boxes for Air-conditioners, Duct, pipe, pump or gas bottle screening, Privacy screening or dividers, Window screens (hinged or fixed), Garden screens, Visual screening, Veranda, Balcony or Patio privacy screens, as an addition to PVC Pergolas and Garden Arbors, as well as for plants such as creepers to grow on.

The uses for PVC Screens mentioned above have become very popular on most Estates and are in fact compulsory on most Complexes and Estates.

Mildew is easily washed off as nothing sticks to PVC Screening & you can forget about costly yearly Paint, Rotting timber or Rusty nails. Value Fencing PVC Lattice and PVC Trellis screens are custom made site-specific in any custom combination with numerous options of outer frames to suit your application.

PVC Pergolas, Gazebos & Garden Arbors:

Value Fencing PVC is a specialist Pergola Contractor offering a choice garden adornments architectural PVC Pergolas with either open top or various covered options with PVC slats, Lattice or Trellis screening or Polycarb sheeting.

PVC Pergolas, Gazebos & Garden Arbors

  • PVC / Vinyl Garden Arbors & Pergola structures made to specification, custom designed to your unique requirement.
  • PVC Pergolas are made to Architect or Client specification.
  • PVC Uprights filled with steel reinforced concrete.
  • Our PVC Pergola beams & Joists boast Aluminium sleeve inserts to avoid sagging.
  • PVC Pergolas require NO MAINTENANCE other than occasional cleaning.

No More : Coating such as Varnish or Paint, Rusted brackets or nails, Termites or Rotten wood. High end Carports also available in full PVC for the ultimate in corrosion resistant options.


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