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Masterbatch SA and Food Safety

Masterbatch SA and Food Safety


Masterbatch South Africa

Food safety has become increasingly important in recent years, with many consumers concerned that packaging ingredients may contaminate food and harm their health; and plastics packaging converters require assurance that their raw materials comply with food safety standards. With an ISO 22000:2005 accreditation for food safety, MBSA is an obvious choice as a masterbatch and pigment supplier.

MBSA adheres to a strictly-controlled restrictive substance list as well as tightly-monitored production and testing procedures to ensure products that are safe for direct food contact.

Frameworks established by Europe’s Food Contact Materials & Packaging legislation and by the US Food & Drug Administration are utilised to confirm products are suitable for direct food contact applications. A recently-introduced wine glass and fork symbol displayed on MBSA’s orange label provides assurance that products are heavy-metal free and can be used for direct food contact packaging, including food and drink containers, and cutlery.

The wine glass and fork symbol is widely used in North America and parts of Asia. MBSA customers have the assurance that formulations are constantly updated to ensure compliance with the constantly-changing regulatory environment and legislation on food contact.

Masterbatch - Food Safety in Plastic Packaging

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